Lexmark E232

Just in case anyone else ever has this problem…

I’ve had problems with my Lexmark E232 laser printer’s paper feed. It tries to pull paper out of the paper tray and feeds it in a bit and it dies with a paper feed error.

For awhile I was having luck keeping only a little bit of paper in the printer, then it would work for awhile. Lately I’ve had to feed the paper in sheet by sheet thinking the problem must be the humidity of the summer.

I just had to print a >70 page document, so there was no way I was going to feed in the paper one at a time.

So I fixed the problem! (thanks Google).

To fix it, pull the paper tray all the way out.
You’ll see a red level on the left of where the paper tray was.
Push the level down and it will reveal 2 wheels that grab the paper.
On each wheel there is a rubber band.
Pull each one off and turn them inside out and pop them back on.
The outside of the rubber is dry and cracking. The inside is fresh and new.

Worked like a charm!

You’re welcome 🙂