Inspection StickerHere I am, wise guy, waiting until the second half of the month to renew my safety inspection for my car. (Nova Scotia requires a full safety inspection on all vehicles every 2 years).

Jeff was driving my car on Saturday and he said, “Uh, your inspection was up LAST month!”


Yeah that’s right, I let it expire.


I was driving around like a criminal with an expired safety inspection sticker on my front window. I think that is a $160+ ticket.

They often have road blockades, like Ride programs here, where they are just looking for your inspection sticker.

I was so paranoid I was going to get caught yesterday.

I’ve never even had a speeding ticket (knock on wood).

This morning I dropped the car off at Chrysler for an oil change and inspection.

And now I wait to hear the list of things I need to fix. After all, there is no publicly available document that outlines what they need to inspect/pass/repair/replace so I’m at their mercy.