Decent storm we’re having today!

Big winds, wet rain, and warm tropical air.

We’re we both up before 5am. Must have been the wind. I fell asleep again for awhile, but it is only 11:11 (hey look at that! I just looked at 11:11 on 11/11/11 !) and it feel like 3pm.

CAMWIZ_11-NOV-11_11-12-18-95 [SHOOT]

The winds are making our walls and roof creak and crack, but not to the extent of a real tropical storm when the pressure changes threaten to blow out the windows.

Over 8,000 customers are without power in the province right now. I’m sure that will keep growing with these gusts. Our’s flicked a few times, so we unplugged our newly fixed washing machine so it won’t get any more power surges.

Guess how much it costs to make a blinky blinky F71 flashing error code go away on a two year old Kenmore Elite front loader washing machine? $540. We could have bought 2 used machines for that price. What a sham. At least we can do laundry again.

If there are further storm developments, I’ll come back and update this post.

Update @ 11:25am
10,717 customers without power in Nova Scotia now

Update @ 12:06pm
Power went off briefly. Jeff told me to fill the tub with water so we can flush our toilets later because he’s sure we’re losing power. 11,346 customers without power now. Monty is flipping out. He hates it when the power flicks and everything beeps.

Update @ 12:14pm
Power went out briefly again. Monty is hiding under my desk. 13,460 customers without power now. Mom just sent me photos of all the snow they have in Listowel, ON this morning. Can’t see the grass!

Update @ 3:58pm
Getting really dark and really wild again out there. Raining heavy. Saw on Twitter that Antigonish has already received over 100mm of rain today.

Update @ 4:27pm
Power outages down to 3356 customers.

Update @ 6:02pm
Aww crap. Literally. There is a couple inches of backflow from the septic system in the basement laundry tub just now in the last 20 minutes. Rain is almost done. Radar shows it moving out. Still very windy. Guess the ground is over saturated again.