Burn baby burn

Today was a great day to burn stuff!

We’ve got piles all over of alder, hawthorns, willows, and scrub we’ve cut down. The last time we tried to burn them, it was completely unsuccessfully and we had to repile them to dry for a few more months.

Today was a better day.

Jeff got the fire started in the middle of the driveway, the only real clear place we have to have a bonfire, and then we slowly added two of our piles of small trees and branches, and last year’s Christmas tree, and 5 busted up wooden pallets from under our winter’s wood pile.

I made us a picnic lunch and we sat on our lawnchairs and got covered in ash as we burned through the piles.

Mom was apparently watching us on my webcam and was jealous she couldn’t come by for smores.

Jeff is out there now with his big magnet on wheels to get up all the nails from the pallets before we drive over the remains of the fire in the morning!

Burning Sticks

Sitting on our lawnchairs, watching sticks burn

Checking for Nails


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