The media is calling today’s storm a weather bomb – apparently because of the drastic pressure change in the storm.

We’re east of the heavy snow and it’s pouring rain here and the wind is supposed to gust to 100 km/hr here, and 110 km/hr over in PEI. It was 14°C this morning and is supposed to drop to 4 by this afternoon.

There are already 11,077 customers without power in the province.

I’m not expecting the need to do an hour by hour update, because it is just wind and rain, but if something exciting happens, I’ll update!

OK Update already,
I noticed you can see the white caps on our lake on my webcam –

12:47pm Another update. PEI is cut off from the rest of the world! Well at least to traffic. Ferries are stopped and the Confederation Bridge is closed to traffic. Schools are sending kids home because the power is out. (Why can’t they have school without power?) >23K customers without power now. Heavy rain seems to be over. Just windy here.

Next day update:

Worst part of the storm was having no internet all evening! The power was out closer to town, so one of the wireless internet towers in our network chain was down so I had to go without! At least I had power and TV.