-11°C this morning! The lake is frozen from our place north, but is still wide open south, through the widest parts of the lake. We don’t have much more than a dusting of snow, but it can stay that way until Jeff goes and comes back from his Ontario trip later this month.

Our days are becoming noticeably longer. Love it! Last night I was able to go to Walmart for a few things after work, and it was still not dark at 4:50pm when I got home! The yard light clicked off this morning around 7:25am while I was scraping the windows of my car. Love it!

The meteorologists that I follow think the El Nina tread is reversing and February will bring significant cold and big storms to North America. Are you ready?

Hey, you know how they say that you should replace the window wipers on your car every 6 months? And by ‘they’ I mean the manufacturer of the wipers?

I usually wait until they fail, and I guess I’d consider it a fail when one flew off while Jeff was driving the car. So we got 3 new wipers. This is the first time in 4 years I’ve replaced the back wiper.

WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Too bad they are so pricey, or else maybe I would replace them every 6 months. Maybe I’ll aim for once a year now. The rear wiper used to be so noisy. Now? Not a sound. Love it!

OK break is over, back to work.

Oh by the way, I’m still standing at work. My feet can handle it much better than when I started this in November. I don’t switch shoes during the day anymore, just wear my hikers. I make sure to scrunch and stretch my feet inside my shoes once in awhile, and I sit down for a few minutes every hour just so I’m not straining anything by standing. I find I think about the fact that I’m standing far less often and it seems natural.