Dad is currently on the train heading home.

I had a great week. Dad did SOOO much for us – painting our hallways, staircase, and my bathroom!!!

(more about my bathroom in a future post)

Here are a few more photos highlighting Dad’s visit:

Dad's gigantic lemon pie

Look at the size of Dad's pie! This is at the Irving truck stop in Truro before we took Dad to the train station.


Can you make out the new paint colour? It's called 'Mountain Air' by Benjamin Moore. It's a shade off our kitchen colour. I love it. It's gray, but green at the same time. I'll take a better downstairs in the sunshine.

Dad's lunch

Dad went for a traditional Nova Scotian lunch when we stopped at a pub in Walton on Thursday - fishcakes and beans!

I went for my traditional - club house & fries & a Coke!

The pub had a really friendly bathroom!

Here is the owl Dad got great photos of. Barred owl we believe.

We hiked a short way on an old railroad track to see the Shubenacadie River.

I had to pee so bad, but really didn't want to venture far into the woods with all the coyote tracks everywhere and this sign saying there were traps in place. But I did anyway.

The short hike stops at the remains of an old train trussle crossing the river. We were thinking it might match the photo of an intact trussle in Grandpa Verkley's photos, but I don't think it is the same one.

Shubenacadie River

The Bay of Fundy and its rivers are a reddish muddy brown colour - and are full of reddish mud 🙂

Lighthouse in Walton, NS

Bay of Fundy shore in Walton

Lighthouse - Built in 1873

On Friday night we were invited to a neighbour’s house for a little dinner party.  Dad was invited too. We had a delicious Arctic Char, and the biggest, thickest, richest, chocolate pie I’ve ever eaten.

Thanks for all the adventures Dad!! And thanks so much for painting and making our house pretty!

I can’t wait to hear how the train ride is going. He left around 1:30 this afternoon and isn’t due to arrive home until tomorrow night at 7pm!