Do I comment on the weather?
But everyone ELSE is commenting on the weather!
But I’m getting old and a year or two from now I might not remember this!
OK this post is for my future self only.
Don’t read. It’s repetitive to everything you already know.

Why it is a weird day:

  • It is March 21, 2012 and I’m in shorts and a tank top.
  • It was 25 here when I got home from work.
  • The lake is all thawed in front of our place.
  • I can smell a skunk.
  • I just did the spring poop cleanup of the backyard.
  • While I was doing so, I got bit by a mosquito.
  • I’m looking at photos of daffodils and crocuses from my friends and family in Ontario.
  • My spring flowers are smart enough to be sound asleep under the soil.
  • So far.
  • Did I mentioned I am wearing flip flops?
  • I haven’t had to start a fire in a couple of days.

There. Now next year when there is another ice dam on the roof and the snow is still up to my collarbone, and we have no where left to shovel the snow, I can wonder if I was joking when I wrote this post.