It is a sunny Saturday morning. I am sitting on the porch listening to:
Monty’s nails click across the deck
A singing robin
A woodpecker banging on a tree
A car go by below on the road
A plane high up in the sky
A grouse thumping in the woods
A distant chain saw
A chickadee flick his wings as he flies behind my head
A mourning dove coo
The pretty songs of the finches thanking me for filling up the bird feeders
An ATV driving around across the lake at someone’s cottage
Three blue jays racing each other to the feeder
A dog barking faintly in the distance
The buzz of a dozen flies as they wake up for the day
The ticking expansion of the vinyl siding as the sun starts to heat it up
The wind in the tall spruce trees as the breeze picks up
Sheesh its noisy out here