So for all you regulars, you know Zeus was supposed to die almost a year ago. He is my grey tabby cat that is 12 or 13 but has a big tumor in his chest that was the size of his heart when it was discovered. He is miraculously symptom free with one prednisone pill every day with his supper.

I am the only person who loves this cat and wants him to live, so I treat every day like it could be his last. When it is nice weather I put him on a harness and leash and take him outside for a walk in the sunshine.

The problem with doing that is he likes it too much. He will spend the rest of the day meowing obnoxiously at the patio door, trying to get back out.

Today I took him to the front lawn and we sat in my big sunbathing lawn chair. He wouldn’t sit still though. He was stretched out between my legs in the sun, but it wasn’t good enough and then he was lying in the grass, then chasing the birds. Finally my patience ran out because I just wanted to relax in the sun so he had to go back inside.

Hours later, after I was thoroughly sunburnt, I was working in my office and Jeff was watching tv. I came in to the living room to tell Jeff something and it was so breezy I started shutting the windows. I went to the patio door to close it, and there was Monty and Zeus looking in from outside.

I opened the door and Monty ran in. I tried hard not to panic and scare Zeus but he followed Monty and came right in.

Zeus had 4 muddy paws and dirt on his face.

Jeff then told me that when he came inside about 15-20 minutes earlier, he felt something brush by his leg at the door, but he saw nothing (Zeus can be real fast when he senses freedom!)

So who knows what he did during his freedom. Thank goodness he came to the door and didn’t head down to the road. He is a house cat only! He doesn’t know about cars or bald eagles or bobcats etc.

How many lives does this cat have?