Another weekend has come and gone. Wouldn’t it be nice if they were all 3 days long?

We pitched in with some of our neighbours and helped clean up our community hall property on Saturday morning. We raked and dragged limbs and sticks and other dead wood out of the tree line, and from down by the lake. A neighbour had a dump truck and backhoe there to make the job easier. Jeff and both have rake bruises on our inner thumbs now. Crazy! We met a few more neighbours too. Got to pet a cute 8 week old pupster too. He was a little fluffy white dog who is going to grow up to be a big sheep protecting dog (one of our neighbours is about to get a few sheep). We heard tales of a recent 18″ trout catch in the lake too!

Most of the rest of the weekend was relatively low key. I didn’t sleep enough last week, because I was up late with computer repairs and monitoring of forest fires in northern Ontario for, so I made sure to get a nap each day to catch up 🙂

We took a drive into town on Saturday night and found a big dark ominous cloud hanging over town. The guy who works at the convenience store is such a funny man. I told him about the storm blowing in and he decided it would be fine if it picked up the store and blew it somewhere warm because he was bundled in his coat and freezing. (he’s not from this country). I have such fun bantering with this guy when I stop at his store. This time he told me he wouldn’t take debit so I told him it must be free then because I refused to pay with cash money. So he decided I could have whatever I wanted for free, and then passed me the debit keypad. Last time I was there he told me they worked him too hard and too many hours and they wouldn’t even let him catch a nap there. Then he told me he lived across the street under the trees. It was all he could afford. (I hope he was kidding). Anyway, the wind kicked up and the clouds were drastically dark, but nothing happened. It followed us home but still didn’t rain. I get really excited at the chance of a storm, but I know people around here can get terrified of them because they happen so rarely here (the thunder and lightning kind I mean).

I see a couple of tropical storms have already tickled the east coast – way down in South Carolina and Florida. That means the tropical storm season is about to begin! Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted if one comes up our way!

Yesterday morning Jeff got the rest of the first coat done on the shed while I was cleaning inside the house. Now he says he hates the colour, so I’m not sure what colour coat #2 is going to be!

I was so excited to finally watch an Indy 500 race yesterday. And in HD! Unfortunately Jeff and I both nodded off in the last 50 laps but I woke up right after the winner crossed the finish line. I was rooting for the Canadian. He finished in 6th with another Canadian in 12th.

What else can I tell ya….

Oh yeah, last night Jeff had a hankering for meatloaf, so we took a Sunday evening drive over to the Irving Big Stop in Auld’s Cove to have a truck stop dinner. Jeff’s meatloaf hankering when right out the window when he saw a plate of fish and chips walk by while we were perusing the menus. He went for the fish and I went for the special – a roast turkey dinner with fries and dressing and cranberries and vegetables. I wouldn’t touch the peas and carrots mixture though – you know I really really hate peas. And if you cook carrots with peas they are contaminated with pea flavour too. Yuck. Guess they are for the composter now.

We have a frost warning for tonight for low lying areas. Here’s hoping that living on the side of a valley means the frost won’t hit our vegetables. The best part of this cold night is there were ZERO blackflies out so I got some weeding done and Jeff helped weed too! Thanks handsome!