I left the house for the first time on Saturday. I tagged along with Jeff to town while he ran errands. It was hot and humid. I walked around the farmer’s market, but it was about all I could do. I had been relatively pain free – but walking that much was making something in my abdomen angry so I hung out in the truck and watched life go by for Jeff’s other stops. It doesn’t hurt too much to ride in a vehicle anymore, but I do bring a pillow to put between me and the seatbelt for extra padding.

Then we went out to Boyd’s Seafood Gallery and I had fish ‘n’ chips and Jeff had clams while we watched the lobster fisherman stack up their traps on the last day of their season. The fish was so extra thick and good. I wish that restaurant had a longer season!

On Saturday night I left the house again to go to the beach down the road with Jeff and Monty. I wore out fast and then hid from the blackflies in the truck, but Monty and Jeff had a swim and Monty was thoroughly worn out by the time we came home.

Now that it’s been 4 weeks since surgery, I realize just how disabled I was when I came home for the first couple of weeks! Now I can bend over and pick things up off the floor, I have to struggle to bend over to pick up the toilet seat or flush the toilet. I can prepare my own food without getting light headed. I can shower!!!!!

I still have some steri-strip tapes slowly unsticking themselves from holding me together. The bottom part of my incision was wider because it opened up when the staples came out and had leaked for a week or so when I came home, but even that part is healed and scab free now. Just real ugly. I read it can be a year or more before this bright purple scar is going to fade.

Jeff has 2 weeks vacation now. He has pulled out 2 shrubs from in front of the house far, and has pulled the front crooked steps and small deck off the front of the house has had dismantled it. That means we’re now committed to building a front deck 🙂

I stayed up until midnight watching America’s Got Talent, and I managed to stay in bed until this morning! That is HUGE progress! I’ve been awake for almost every 4am hour for weeks.

Foggy morning today. 8:30 and we’re still fogged in. I can’t see the lake.