I know I should be napping, but there is too much going on!

There is a grader in our driveway right now! at 8pm! Our neighbour is trying to fix the river bed that is our driveway.  I imagine we’ll need a couple loads of gravel too, unless he can pull it all back up from the bottom!

I also delicately helped Jeff fill two sona tubes with concrete.  The rental-all place in town didn’t have a cement mixer so he’s doing it by hand, shovel that is, in the wheel barrel.  I’m guiding the cement into the tube as he dumps it.  Now I feel like I could sleep for 12 days straight.

I had a Dr’s appointment this morning with our family dr.  Didn’t learn anything and didn’t get any information. Basically it was just to get the form so I can get blood drawn tomorrow to check if my hemoglobin is coming back up so I can stop taking the iron.  She also hasn’t seen me before so she is requesting a bunch of blood values and thyroid and cholesterol and sugars and others so I have to fast from 6pm until tomorrow morning!  Not even a drink of water! Oh goodness I can’t go without my big mug of water and ice! Good thing they start collecting blood at 7:30am!

Live shot of our driveway:

Jeff has tried to work at the foundation (with me sitting beside the trench in a lawnchair with the cordless phone to call 911 if the trench buries him alive) but he had trouble finding the weeping tile around the house that he needs to tie into. He’s located it now, but it is just too dangerous. He needs to dig back a bit to expose it, and that part is just so far over his head, especially if he is bent down, so it is a no-go. D. is coming back on Sunday with his little backhoe, so we’ll get him to dig it back a bit more. Jeff was able to clean out the big crack in the basement walkout wall and fill it in with a sealer.

We don’t know for sure if the basement walkout was built at the same time as the rest of the house, but is sure was done poorly compared to the rest of the house. Was it a rush job? An after-thought? Was it added later? It wasn’t sealed well, doesn’t have weeping tile around it, thankfully has a drain in the floor that is tied to the house weeping tile that dumps it over the edge of the hill in front of the house, but the walls aren’t sealed on the outside, and the entire grade slopes into the house. Not to mention there is no landing so if you are outside you walk down the slope to the door and when you push the door open the stairs are right there. I hate that! We aren’t about to rip the entire thing out and rebuild it (although Jeff wants to lift the roof and door) so we’ll live with it.

And back to the driveway:

We’ve got a fire ban in place for the entire province of Nova Scotia now, even little chimineas, so we won’t be having a campfire tonight with some beers like we should be. Oh yeah, I’m fasting for blood work. I forgot. Now I’m hungry. Something about a mandatory ban on food and drink can make a girl ravenous and parched.

So I’m trying to do more, but I get so exhausted so fast. I didn’t nap today. I feel the best when I take 2 naps. Although that has happened maybe twice. Jeff is at the point where he wants to take my iPhone away and the TV remote from the bedroom so I’ll actually nap when I go lie down. When I tag along for errands, I go in most of the stores now, although the other day I had to grab Jeff’s sleeve in the grocery store because I thought I was going down. The whole world spun. I hear that is normal and that is why you aren’t supposed to drive yourself after surgery because you’ll get stuck somewhere, too tired to drive home.

Driveway Check:

See that green clump in front of the birch tree? We got D. to use his bucket to shovel it out of the front garden. We planted it a couple years ago – it is a Dwarf Hinoki False Cypress. I love it. It is a in a big clump of dirt and now I’m not sure where to put it. Probably back against the porch, when it is built. Not sure how long it can live in just a clump of dirt though. We’ve watered it thoroughly each night.

OK, one last driveway check before I leave you.  Jeff said M. (neighbour driving the grader) said he’ll be back with a couple loads of gravel in the morning.