Okay what ever you do, don’t tell my Mom because she makes the best lasagna.

However, I may have just topped it.

To try something new, I made a crockpot lasagna.   I originally wanted to make a spinach veggie one, but I only had the ingredients for the normal beef one, so I gave it a whirl.

I used this recipe as a base:


WOW. It is so moist. And cheesey. And delicious. And way easier than oven lasagna!

It only took 3 hours on the highest of the low settings, if that makes sense!

I should have added mushrooms though – I missed those.

OH and don’t forget – I learned by reading the comments first – add 1.5 cups of water when you turn the crockpot on so it doesn’t burn. Don’t worry, the noodles soak it up. Just pour it around the edges.

I used whole wheat lasagna noodles.  You use normal lasagna noodles, not the easy no-bake kind, and they cook while they are in the crockpot! So no more boiling noodles and then tossing them with eggs so they don’t all stick together, and then they stick anyway, and then you wish you weren’t making lasagna. This is easy cheesy!

5 stars!