Wet night!

We finally got rain – and it was a lot of rain!

It poured all night.  And I know because I was up almost all night.

We had thunder and lightning from about 10:30pm until sometime in the wee hours.  Monty was squirrely from it, so we got up so Jeff could sleep. I sat at my computer watching a live stream from a guy on the street in Anaheim while the police shot the citizens with pepper balls and bean bags until 3:30am.

I slept on the couch so I could keep Monty calm on the floor beside me.

I was up twice after that, and then up for good at 6am.  I took Monty out (still raining a bit) and I noticed Monty’s fence was on a serious lean.

Turns out we have some sink holes!  Around each of the sonatubes in the front, and around the basement walk out – so the 2 areas he dug out.

(click on a thumbnail for the larger image, and then you can scroll through the 4 images).

Luckily there is no sink hole in the driveway from the trench, probably because he was able to drive on the trench afterwards and pack it down, but it is really soft! It felt like quick sand as I tried to quickly step over it.

The driveway looks FANTASTIC! completely unscathed! At least from the view up here!

I thought Monty was only squirrely like that when the power was flicking, but the power was steady.  He seemed to freak out with the lightning, thunder, and the hammering rain.  Maybe it is because we so rarely have a thunderstorm in Nova Scotia.  Because they are so rare, I’ve noticed people here tend to be terrified of them.


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