So Jeff was thinking more about the hole in the rock.  He is thinking that there is a bear living there for sure, since he remembered that bears sometimes half bury their prey to allow it to rot before they eat it.  Is this true?  There was an animal that was maybe fox or dog size buried under a couple rocks on the side of the river, right across from the hole. (It really stunk.)

So who’s going in?

Jeff asked a guy he knows who knows everything about everything around here.  He has fished that river many times and never walked around the corner to see the hole. He had no idea it was there.

He was guessing it might be a copper mine. He said it is just a bit too far north to be gold. I bet he goes and checks it out!

Working Life

I returned to work yesterday. It almost feels like it is September and I’m a kid and my summer is over.  I was so tired. I closed my eyes during a commercial during the Olympics after work and they didn’t reopen for 1.5 hours. Felt like a minute to me.