If there was any doubt… no I haven’t outgrown my klutziness.

We were driving around today with my Uncle Joe and my Aunt Patricia.  I went to get in the back seat of Jeff’s truck and I smashed my head so hard on the metal upper door clamp of the backwards facing back door that it left a deep indent on the top of my head.

Jeff was shaking his head too hard to feel my head. I really wanted him to feel my new divot.  Now it’s just a big goose egg.

The next time I got in the truck, I somehow caught my sweater’s hood on the same hook and half strangled myself.

That’s it, I’m sitting in the front seat from now on. It’s safer.

Anyway, it was nice to have a quick visit with my aunt & uncle.  They were passing through heading back to their summer place in PEI after a Cape Breton vacation.  We took them up to our favourite fish and chips place north of town. It was drizzling, but we still ate outside under the covered porch.  I had the fish and chips, Jeff had the clams, and our guests split a seafood platter.  Yum!

We zipped up to Cape George after lunch to show them the view. The water was so calm and the breeze was light, but it was too foggy to see PEI today.

The drizzly weather was probably a good thing, or Jeff would have been grumpy he wasn’t home working on his deck!

I helped him last night in my winter boots. No, it wasn’t cold, but Jeff pointed out a little red snake on the front lawn and I had no desire to find him again while I was holding the wood for Jeff to saw in my sandals.

(Winter boots attract blackflies by the dozen though – just so you know).

(One brave black fly even had the audacity to bite the palm of my hand. Who does that?)

Latest deck update, almost ready for the decking boards!

Here’s my friend, the lighthouse, on this drizzly day: