Get your mind out of the gutter!

The deck silly!

Yesterday and today after work I screwed screws into the deck while Jeff has cut the grass.

I’m so broken now.  But this is the first real physical work I’ve done since surgery on June 4th. And don’t forget this is also my first 5 day work week since May (can emergency surgery equal the best summer ever??)

We can get the deck boards cut to length and put in place fairly quickly, but going back and screwing the screws in takes hours! We are putting two 3.5″ screws into the board every time it crosses a joist, which are a foot apart. So how many screws is that for each board?  ….I’d figure it out, but I’m way too tired.

It’s crazy to be sore from screwing, but it is the bending over that is the hard part, especially on my back and hamstrings. Thank goodness Jeff has a good cordless drill.  And two batteries that charge quickly.

We’re over half done the top now.  The goal is to have the surface of the deck in place, and all screwed down, and maybe the landing for the front door of the house, AND a set of stairs, before our company comes in September.

(fingers crossed)

I’m just really glad that I am able now to make a meaningful contribution to the deck. Every day I’m stronger.  Hard to believe that when I went back to work 3 weeks ago I struggled a bit just walking from the car to the building I work in.