Our cats are always slim.

I couldn’t understand why everyone else has house cats that are VERY overweight.

Well I think I get it now.

We get our pets grain free foods.  When we went home to Ontario for 10 days, we leave our 2 housecats in the house, because neither of them would do well anywhere else.  I usually leave about 3x the food they’ll need, in case something happened to us and we couldn’t get back, in these gravity feed automatic feeders so it doesn’t get stale or go bad. And we leave big huge bowls of water and extra litter boxes.

Well because I usually toss whatever food is left out when we get home, I bought them some cheaper food.  I went to Walmart and went through all the cat foods.  All were garbage.  I found the least awful bag, with a “Holistic” term in its label.

I was SHOCKED to find it ALL gone when we got back. Every morsal.  And Sally, my feather light little kitty feeling not so featherlight.

Whatever is in this food, she’s eating it like it’s potato chips. She can’t stop. This is not good.

Time to go get more of the good stuff tomorrow!