What happens a week after I pay off my 5 year car loan?

A woman runs into my back end.

I was leaving work and sitting at a red light.


What the heck was that? Did I really just get rear ended?

Older lady in car behind me motions me to pull into the parking lot on the other side of the intersection.  After it turned green I pulled in there.

She was going to pull in beside me, but I was too scared she’d then rip my door off, so I waiting in my car until she got out.

It doesn’t look like I was very damaged. She had a big license plate holder on the front end of her car and smacked into my plastic car.  I don’t even think there will be much of a mark. It left a perfect imprint in the dust on my car though.

She said “it is all my fault” (no really? because I’m not sure how it could be mine!?!?!)

Then she held out her gnarled fingers.  “The sun hit my arthritis,” she said.  All her knuckles were swollen with arthritis and her skin was frightening. It was pink with eczema and flaking off all over.

I said, “Are you sure YOU are okay? Do you need to get those fingers checked out?”  (and by saying that, I mean, ARE YOU SURE YOU SHOULD BE DRIVING? HOW DOES SUN HITTING YOUR FINGERS EQUATE TO YOU RUNNING INTO MY CAR)

Her car was covered with handicap stickers.

She didn’t offer a name or anything.l had my cell phone in my hand snapping pictures of her, her car, everything, in a spy-like manner.

I figured there was no visible damage, so she left.

Jeff thinks I should have got her name.  I’m okay, there is no damage, she is okay, except for her fingers, so end of story I guess.