When it comes to lines and waiting and timing and ice and salt and grime and dirt there is only one thing you can arm yourself with.

A car wash strategy.

I had one today. It is going up to +10. The car wash will be lined up all day.

So my strategy was to hit it early.

Hit it when the soap is still topped up, the water is warm, and the line is short.

Only one thing could get in the way of a perfect implementation for this strategy.

Monday morning.

Argh, I didn’t want to get up. Because I didn’t go to bed early.  I got sucked in to pop culture. I saw Honey Boo Boo was on and I had to find out what the fuss was all about.  I got so sucked in, I watched the entire frightening Thanksgiving special.

But I digress…

Our parking area beside our porch was solid, uneven ice this morning, covered with a layer of melted ice.  It was certain death.  But nothing was going to stand in the way of getting my blue beauty cleaned, so I persevered, braved the ice, and made it into my car.

Traffic was moving swiftly this morning, so I made it to the car wash with plenty of time. And there was just one other vehicle there and he was just pulling into the carwash.


2 minutes later, Blue Beauty was in her salon, getting sudded up, and hosed down.

She’s a happy girl now.  Rejuvenated.

And so am I. I still made it to work before 8am.