The sun came out for an afternoon on this past Easter long weekend, so I did what any Canadian girl would do…. I put on shorts, a hooded sweatshirt, and sheep skin slippers and went and sat on the deck to work on my base tan.  (It was about +7.)

I told Jeff that I intend to sleep over night on this new front deck one night this year.  He laughed and said as soon as I heard a twig snap in the bush I’d be back in the house.

But I’m serious. Under the stars, listening to the lake (which is currently still frozen), and the ducks and bull frogs.

That night as we were going to bed, Jeff spotted a raccoon walking up the driveway.  He laughed again at the thought of me spending the night on the porch. He seems to think I don’t have it in me.

And you?

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