Remember the day when the salesmen knew their products?

I’m researching a new (or refurbished) printer.

A young man working at Staples approached me to assist.  He knew nothing about printers. But worse yet, rather than admitting it, he made it all up.  I asked him to explain the difference between a Laser and LaserJet and he said they are called LaserJets because they are so fast.

I asked him about the information I read that said a colour laser can’t do the photo quality of ink and if I was looking for photo quality I should not go for the colour laser. He said no, colour laser is best, hands down, go for the colour laser.

I asked him about the Brother line of printers. He said, who doesn’t need a brother? Everyone needs another brother.

Every question I had, he deflected with a joke, made up an answer, or worked on reinforcing the difference between ink and toner.

How could you not spend a bit of time LEARNING the products you are trying to sell?  Is it any wonder why people are buying more items online? At least that way we can make informed decisions (reading reviews, comparing products, learning about the features).

I just looked up the review of one of the printers they had on the shelf on their website.  I think the price is a little ridiculous for a LaserJet if you ask me, although the salesman did say they were fast, like a jet.

Staples Printer