First swim of 2013 (the dog… not me)

The sun came out today and it hasn’t snowed since dawn. That must mean it is spring!

After work, Jeff and I took Monty to the ball park to run around and play fetch.

Never one to say no to a swim, we let him get wet.  I kept him on the leash though – he wanted to swim over and get on the last of the ice!

Here is a little photo gallery of photos I took with my iPhone. None are too remarkable, but I thought I’d share anyway. If you click on one, it should open a nicer photo display that you can click through.


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  1. Nice new look site!
    Too bad Jeff or you didn’t jump in with Monty and have those pictures on your new look site. That would have added to your site. I could see the headlines now. Local couple takes a spring dip in the lake with their dog!

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