Just finished a marathon Friday evening round of taxes.

Not bad, last year I didn’t file until the last day (April 30).  After Jeff reviews the numbers in the morning, it looks like I’m filing on the 28th this year! Progress!

Since I am folding my sole proprietorship and have incorporated my business, I think it may be time to pass some of this effort on to an accountant.

That, or just keep up with my accounting all year instead of the marathon run in April at tax time digging up the receipts and invoices to fill numbers in all the holes.

Other highlights this week:

  • Landing a new web design client
  • Telling my husband, “I’ll get the KFC, you bring the guns”
  • Crockpot lasagna
  • Lost Malcolm on Survivor, so I won’t win the office pool this season, but I was never cheering for him.  Phillip and Cochran were/are my favourites this season. Go Cochran!
  • Duck Dynasty season finale in Hawaii – the show is getting so scripted, but I still love it
  • Resumed Monty’s run/fun at the neighbourhood ball park.
  • Attended a funding announcement for our community. Monty’s huge fenced in ball park is about to become a construction zone while the soon-to-be-world-renowned rowing facility is built.
  • Saw 2 deer just behind our house in the woods. We haven’t seen a deer on our property since last fall.

OK, time to tip toe up the stairs, in the dark, to my side of the bed.  G’nite.