As if the bunny yesterday morning in Monty’s backyard wasn’t enough excitement….

Last evening when Jeff let Monty outside before dinner, Monty went crazy!!

There was a DOG on the other side of his fence!

Monty doesn’t get to see too many other dogs since Trooper passed on.  And living in the woods here, not too many dogs stop by for a visit!

It was a black lab.  Young, excited dog. They took turns lifting their legs and peeing on each other through the fence. What fun!

Monty was yipping like a little yorkie. It was almost embarrassing to hear such noises come out of a 70 lb dog.  They ran along the fence together, then the black lab would run around and around the whole house, peeing on the bushes and anything else he could find.

Eventually we got Monty inside.  I didn’t want to let the black lab just walk off. We’re on a 90km/hr road with lots of curves. I couldn’t risk the chance he’d get hit so I eventually convinced him to come to me and sit down and I was able to make out a name and a phone number from his tag.  His name was “Aussie”.

Jeff grabbed the phone and called his parents to come and get him.  His owner was visiting people just a few houses down. We put him on a leash and waited for him to come over.

He said he’ll stick by him no problem, unless he smells another dog.  Most people don’t know we have a dog because Monty is usually quiet, but I guess he has a dog scent that travels a long distance!  He had been looking and calling for him and was grateful we called him.

Exciting day for Monty!