My Ancestry information, based on my DNA test, is starting to filter in to my account at

Here are a few more interesting facts:

So far I have 991 DNA relatives in the 23andMe database.  I have no close family, but I do have 85 third-to-fourth cousins that have had their DNA tested by this company.

Countries of Ancestry:

I have large pieces of my DNA that are identical to other people from these places:

  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Netherlands
  • Finland
  • Germany


Among my 991 DNA relatives, these surnames are the most common:

  • Osborne
  • Holt
  • Ford
  • White
  • Burton

I can see a list of my closest relatives on here. Some just say if they are female or male, but some people choose to share their information, especially if they are looking for relatives. Imagine the information this can give a person who is adopted and doesn’t know anything about their family history!

My closest relative on here is a girl named Tracy from Wisconsin who is my 3rd to 4th cousin. We share 0.76% of our DNA, and 3 segments.

It also shows I have a 5th cousin in their database from Nova Scotia!

The relatives are based on similar DNA so both sides of the family are shown here. However, unless one or both of my parents get their DNA tests at 23andMe, their system can’t distinguish which side of the family the relatives are on.

I have a lot of relatives in North America, several in South America, some in Europe, especially Holland (not surprising since my dad’s parents are from Holland), and the rest of the 991 are scattered worldwide.

There is a feature where you can message any of them if you want to learn more than what they are sharing, or if you want to compare family trees.

I can’t wait to get a match closer than 3rd cousins.  This is FASCINATING!

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