Everyone who’s ever been in my house, or had the pleasure of living with me, has seen “the lamp”.

I first spotted it on a summer day in Thunder Bay, back in the summer of 1995.  I was up early with a friend hitting the garage sale circuit.  As soon as I saw this lamp sitting on a table outside of a garage, I knew I had to have it.

I asked the lady how much.  She paused, looked at me, her eyebrows raised, and she said, you like that lamp? Before she could finish the question she had put the lamp in my arms, hugged my arms around it, and said, take it, take it!!


My favourite things about this lamp:

  • I have no idea if it is supposed to be a boy or a girl
  • I have no idea if those are enormous grapes or tiny apples
  • Its head has been broken off at least twice (once by me) and rubber cemented back on
  • Its arm has been broken off in 1 or 2 places and reattached
  • Everyone but me HATES this lamp
  • It looks like ceramic and it was definitely hand painted
  • I lived with 4 guys in University one year and this was our only source of light in our living room. We also had no side tables, so it sat on an old wooden brown painted chair
  • Mornings after parties I’d have to clean cigarette ashes out of its mouth
  • Its lamp shape has never once sat straight

I could still point out the house where I got this lamp. I wonder if they still miss it?

I wonder if this was a common style and if there are lamp twins everywhere.  If you have one, let me know!