Well after spending an obscene amount of money to replace some important undercarriage items of my car, we decided to take both vehicles to get undercoated before the winter.

The appointment was quick and easy, and they had wifi in their waiting room so I could keep working while I waited. I love free wifi. And a job that allows me to work from anywhere.

Afterwards they warned me the car would smoke and drip for days and days. Cool.

It did smoke. And smell like oven cleaner.

And it took me 2 days to notice those sneaky bastards stuck a 2013 Rust Check sticker on my side window.


So tacky.

(And yes, I keep a pail of bird seed and a bag of charcoal briquettes in the back of my car. Just like the Girl Guide motto, I just need to be prepared.)

We took our second or third trip of the week to Canadian Tire today after work. Great sights in the sky tonight. We left home in sunshine, but could see rain falling in the highlands as we approached town, with really neat looking, dynamic clouds.

Then when I stepped out of Canadian Tire, I noticed a rainbow above the mall, opposite the setting sun, as it was sprinkling rain.
IMG_1599 Then we went to Central and the rainbow turned into a fireball in the sky! My new iPhone just didn’t capture it truly though because it was a big thick rainbow with the widest colour bands I’ve ever seen.IMG_1601 IMG_1608

I’ve never seen anything like it.

Inside Central, it is a lot like Canadian Tire. Full on Christmas.IMG_1607

If everyone would just stop buying this cute Christmas crap until December, do you think they could put it away and bring it out later. Like at least after Halloween?

After finding the angled hose extension we need to get the leaves out of the back eavestrough (before we have another devastating ice dam this winter), we went to the Moonlight cafe for some Chinese food.

I’m still confused by my fortune though:

IMG_1611Maybe it is just too deep for me.

It was funny to see in my blog’s sidebar that we had our first fire on this day last year, because today was the first day this fall that I’ve caved and turned on a bit of baseboard heat. At noon it had only warmed up to 14C in here and my cold fingers were starting to become workplace hazards so I turned a bit of heat on in my office and hallway.

We’re waiting for a few specific brick replacements for the inside of our Napoleon wood stove in the basement that have cracked over the years. If they come in soon, we’ll just delay heating the house until we can get them replaced.

Just about time to get those fleece sheets back on the bed too! (or at least on my side)