It is dark and snowy at our house today. It’s a strong winds, winter storm warning, heavy snow, RCMP stay off the roads, might change to freezing rain, kind of day here.

Jeff plowed the driveway once already before football started and it’ll probably need another pass or two before the storm moves out!

CAMWIZ_15-DEC-13_14-13-37-46 [SHOOT] CAMWIZ_15-DEC-13_16-27-29-93 [SHOOT]

Christmas Tree

Got up our Christmas tree this week!  We went to a Christmas Tree lot in town. It was really really cold. The poor young man staffing the lot was really unhappy and freezing. He was so miserable he just wanted to quickly sell us a tree and run back into his little trailer.


We told him the dimensions we were looking for and he found one for us. It was dark and cold so we decided not to be choosey and said OK! to the first tree he showed us. Then we got him to bundle it up for us so it would be easier to get inside our house.

These tree bundling machines are really neat – you pull start the motor and then hook onto the bottom branches. As it pulls the tree through, it wraps a string around the tree.IMG_1842

Ta da!IMG_1843

Soon as we got it inside and unbundled we saw the tree’s personality! Look at the branches at the top! They weren’t sheared with the rest of the tree!IMG_1844

Jeff is more of the orderly type. He really wanted to trim the top branches. I’m more of the totally random and chaotic type, so I overruled him and kept the top funky. Here is the result:IMG_1853 IMG_1856

At least one corner of the house is ready for Christmas!


Jeff is cooking a big ham and scallop potatoes for dinner tonight. I’m busy procrastinating house cleaning and the other 10,000 things on my to do list before Mom and Julie arrive on Friday.

Here’s the latest view of the weather from my office window:

CAMWIZ_15-DEC-13_16-27-29-93 [SHOOT]