And finally, my Christmas 2013 wrap up!

My Mom and my sister Julie flew out here to Nova Scotia to join us for the holidays again this year!

They got really fortunate with their flights. We had so much bad weather and flight cancelling storms, their flights were mostly unaffected.

Their visit started with a freezing rain storm that hit all the way from back home in southern Ontario right through to the east coast. Our friends and family back home almost all had power outages – some for days!


We had freezing rain that  few days. Somehow we kept power most of that time. It flicked a bunch of times, and the internet was out quite a bit. Jeff assigned everyone a flash light for the holidays because we thought for sure we’d lose power.

Eventually all the freezing rain turned to snow:


We were warm and snuggly inside playing the Mexican train dominos game:


Usually we play cards – Grandma Stock’s rummy game that goes on for hours and hours. This time we didn’t get into the cards at all. We played Dominos, and Urban Myth (a board game I’ve had in the closet for so long I forget where it came from!)

Christmas Eve


After an exhausting Wii battle on Christmas eve, I had to cool off by walking outside (in my shorts) to take a few photos of the beautiful snow fall.




Proof that Julie and Zeus are secret buds now. Zeus used to scare Julie so much she’d jump between the furniture to avoid the floor and Zeus’ attacks, but here he is, curled up on her lap, and she is smiling!IMG_1915

Christmas Day


Santa Julie


Mom seemed really excited about her new robe and slippers.


Dad got us a couple of box sets – the entire Corner Gas series and all the episodes of The Honeymooners!


It’s funny watching The Honeymooners and when they were talking about how everything isn’t made like it used to be. Guess that isn’t a new thing to say about products these days!

Brian and Leanne took up my suggestion that we needed new summer bed sheets and got us these incredible (and very grown up) Star Wars bed sheets 🙂IMG_1924

I do sense a theme. Here is the super cool C3P0 iPhone case they gave me for my birthday!


While the turkey was cooking, Mom, Julie, Monty, and I went outside to play in the snow. Somehow I convinced Mom to follow me around the house and through the snowy drainage ditch behind Monty’s yard.



Monty was getting dangerously close to jumping over the side rail of the deck! You should see how close he is now!

Christmas sunset


Christmas dinner was the traditional turkey, dressing, gravy, carrots, mashed potatoes, cranberries, and hot biscuits, followed by pumpkin and banana cream pies.

DSC_0043Overall, great Christmas vacation, but over far too soon!