I thought Environment Canada was pulling an April Fool’s prank with this weather forecast and Winter Storm warning, but I checked 3 apps on my phone this morning and they all played along with the prank!

IMG_2345 IMG_2343 IMG_2344

Good thing I like winter and I’m not sick of it yet. Just think how much prettier spring flowers will be after all of this! We’ll appreciate them so much more!


This stormy wintry weather has lasted for days. PEI children are missing their 5th day of school in a row.

Our power has gone off so many times, over the last 4 days. Poor Monty gets so freaked out when the power flickers or goes out. He was in the bathtub more than once yesterday.

All night long we could hear ice pellets bouncing off the roof and wall and windows. Jeff made it in to work this morning, but he said there was a car in the ditch on the way. I’m so glad I work from home ! Well, until the power and/or internet go out.