I went to see Neighbors

NeighborsNo, not the folks next door, I mean the Seth Rogen movie!

I’m a big Seth Rogen fan. The dude’s hilarious. Yes, I like weed jokes, dick jokes, silly humor, great laughs.

Jeff, on the other hand, does not, so while he was busy with a sport shooting event on the weekend, I took myself to the movies!

I was the first one into the theatre, with my medium coke and popcorn that were big enough for an entire row of movie goers. I grabbed my favourite seat, back row middle baby!

It was an afternoon show, so there wasn’t more than maybe 15 or 20 of us in the theatre. I was surprised the ticket price was only $9.99. Is that since Cineplex bought the Empire theatre chain? I like the cheaper ticket price, but the popcorn and drink still set me back another $11 or so!

The movie was really funny and had much more of a plot than I expected! Sometimes I feel like I’ve turned into my Dad and I’m the loudest laugher in the theatre 🙂

The premise of the movie is a couple with a baby (husband played by Seth Rogen) purchase a house and are going through transition from a fun and wild young couple to a married couple with a child.

When the house next door is purchased by a fraternity house, the couple is torn between joining their wild parties, to wanting the frat brothers to keep it down so their baby can sleep. So they end up doing both, which results in a hilarious back and forth battle with their neighbours.

I’m going to give this a 4/5 stars.


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  1. Thanks for the info on that movie, Lisa. My girlfriend and I are going to go on the weekend. We’re just looking for a nice, lite movie, to have a laugh. I don’t like STUPID funny though …,you know , the kind that has people flying by themselves, or doing some foolish thing that isn’t possible to do. Hopefully it’s not like that????

    1. Oh don’t be mistaken Gail, it is full of foolish things, weed, dildos, fights, sex, pranks, parties, but I usually like goofy fun movies. I was also thinking of going to see ‘The Other Woman’. I like those actresses!

    1. There is one scene in the trailer that was so funny, but I swear it wasn’t in the movie! Now I have to watch it again to be sure 🙂

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