Jeff told me a couple weeks ago that his brother was coming for the weekend on his way to Newfoundland for work. We had to look up on my blog to find out how long it has been since his brother was here (2008) and Jeff planned some fishing outings for his brother.

We cleaned the house. I was kinda slack-assy on the cleaning. Brother-in-law visit didn’t quite equate to the cleaning required for a Grandma I figured. Jeff was so awesome, and actually helped clean more than ever. Guess he was pulling his weight because it was his company coming this time.

On Friday, Jeff went to the airport to pick up his brother while I worked. I heard him pull in the driveway, but I closed my office door so he wouldn’t disrupt me when they came in because I was in the middle of a live chat, helping a user set up their new website.

Jeff opened my office door anyway and told me to come out. I said, I can’t, chatting, will come out when I’m done. He said, come out. I started getting a little angry. I can’t! I’m chatting with a user right now! I can’t step away! Come out now he insisted. What could he possibly want. He obviously wanted me to see something. Did his brother show up with a girlfriend or something?

I reluctantly stood up and walked into the hallway. My girlfriend Jen came around the corner with her 8 month old baby Katie in her arms.


Jen is Brian’s girlfriend? Jeff met Jen in the airport? Jen pulled into the driveway at the same time? Jen is on the way to Newfoundland?

Where is your brother Jeff?

He’s at home, he was never coming, surprise!



I was so confused and surprised and speechless!

But I had to go finish the live chat I was on before I could sign out of work!

Turns out Jen and Jeff had this secret cooked up for months! Jen flew all the way from Thunder Bay, Ontario just to visit for the weekend! Who does that? What an amazing friend! I hadn’t seen Jen since I visited her for Thanksgiving in 2010 on my way to Winnipeg for a work conference. I often bemoan the fact she lives so far away and I hadn’t even met her newest baby. I’m forever plotting ways I can make it to Thunder Bay for a visit.

I think I was still in shock into Saturday. How did Jeff not spill the secret? I would never have been able to hold in such a secret. Never. I later found out that Jeff’s brother was even in on the secret just in case I texted him to ask him if he wanted flannel or summer sheets on the guest bed!

We haven’t had anyone to our house since Christmas. Company just doesn’t stop by since we moved so far away from our friends and family. Not only did I not have time to get excited, I had nothing planned, nothing prepared, and no meals prepped. But I think we did pretty good!

We went to the Farmer’s Market, the Cape George Lighthouse, Auld’s Cove, Port Hawkesbury and Cape Breton Island, Guysborough, a bakery, an antique shop, drove through the Sherbrooke Village, crossed on the Country Harbour ferry, ate lobster, treasure hunted with my metal detector on a couple beaches, ate fish and chips (twice!), visited an old gold mine, and caught up on each other’s lives.

I soaked in so many of little Katie’s 8 month old smiles and giggles. I even played baby whisperer and let Katie fall asleep on me. I think I even got sore arms. I just don’t have the mommy muscles required for carrying around a baby 🙂 She is so adorable!

Here are a few pictures from our weekend:

We’ve come a long way since University!

Lisa and Jen


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