After walking the main street shops in Skagway, we decided there was nothing else we wanted to do there and would start making our way back to Whitehorse (and the end of our trip! 🙁 ).


We crossed back into Canada near Fraser, British Columbia. This old building is on the railroad tracks right beside the customs stop.DSC_0077

We stopped at a roadside outside and saw this sign! OK I’ll pee in the van’s bathroom!


Well, I did, but not because of the bear sign, but because of the weird guy and his son peeing with the bathroom doors wide open behind them.

Soon we were in Carcross! Home of Yukon’s only desert! Well not technically a desert, but a big sandy desert like area!DSC_0081

The wild roses smelled so amazing everywhere we went! Here are some northern lupins! Just like ours east coast lupins, only a bit more compact.


Here’s Jeff crossing the desert 🙂DSC_0086


Some kids were in the desert flying kites! I like the snow capped mountains in the background!DSC_0093

More pretty flowers.


After I walked in the sand for a bit, we headed back on the road. We saw another road side stop, so we pulled over so Jeff could try the bathroom. The same weirdos were there peeing with the door open again. Come on!

While we were waiting for them to leave, we saw a trail through the trees and decided to follow it.

What a reward! We found the old community of Robinson! It was the scene of a roadhouse and supply stop.DSC_0104The train track to Robinson was a side track, that obviously isn’t used anymore judging by the trees growing on it!






I loved this old big headed nail on this log. I wonder what used to hang here!?DSC_0112


Looks like the flag pole is still standing at the roadhouse!DSC_0117

I just love these old abandoned villages. Such history! And thank you punks for not having a wild party here and burning it down. Thank you.DSC_0118



Soon we were back to Whitehorse with a couple days to spare!

We got a site 21 kms east of Whitehorse. That’s when we saw the oddest RV? Bus? come in to camp. It was a big orange bus, but had all these little windows in the back. What, are these people stored in drawers?

I didn’t get a picture of it, but you can see it on a website of a tour company that uses them:

We saw some other great RVs during the trip, like those big heavy duty, all in one vehicles that you’d drive on the surface of the moon or something. They all had European license plates and must be headed on tours around the world. Really cool looking.

Stay tuned for my next blog post, and our last couple of days in Whitehorse! We packed a lot in!