I watched a few movies lately, and I have to say all the movies heavily congratulated by Hollywood are incredibly bad. For instance:

The Wolf of Wall Street – Oh wow, this one was bad. I forced myself to stick with it through the end, thinking it was going to get better, but it did not. It was long, for no reason. I didn’t develop any care, nor hate, for the main characters. I just kept hoping for the end. I think the final fraud committed by the characters was getting people to watch this movie.  I give it a 1/5 stars.

The Dallas Buyers Club – Let’s be honest here, Matthew McConaughey is not a diverse actor. He plays just one character, over and over. And it is an annoying one. So he shrunk himself down to 90 pounds or something silly for this role. Big deal, the movie sucked. I was mildly interested in the history of the buyers clubs, as I wasn’t familiar with them, but that is still only going to bump my rating up to 2/5 stars.

Now I’m going to cheer you up and tell you what movie you should watch. Especially you Dad, I think you’d enjoy this one:

The Lone RangerThe Lone Ranger – Johnny Depp is in this one, made by Disney. What a great action movie! Funny and kinda kooky, and really entertaining! Jeff and I both enjoyed it, and I wouldn’t say either one of us is a Johnny Depp fan. I’d love to see more – a sequel perhaps? I give it a 5/5 stars!