When Dad was plotting out his route home to Ontario, after visiting with us, I seized the opportunity and decided to go with him! I had about 30 minutes to shower and pack and debate if I was doing the right thing, and call Jeff at work to ask him if he could live alone for a week or so.

Then we were off!

Since neither of us had to be anywhere at any particular time, we decided in New Brunswick to head down to the states and cruise home across the backroads of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

We spent the night in Bangor, Maine, and then in St. Albans, Vermont. We saw so many pretty fall leaf scenes, and covered bridges.

We also visited the Green Mountain coffee place in Vermont, and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream plant, and the Cabot Cheese place.

I didn’t have my good camera, but here are some from my iPhone:


Oh America…


Beer is pretty cheap in an American Walmart. If you like Bud. We went with Sam Adam’s Octoberfest.


Chase’s restaurant for breakfast.


Pumpkin beer, with pumpkin spice on the rim!

IMG_3183 IMG_3185 IMG_3187 IMG_3188 IMG_3191 IMG_3193 IMG_3196 IMG_3201 IMG_3202

After Vermont, we headed up to Montreal. Neither of us had ever been up on Mont Royal, so we drove up for a view of the city on a lovely day. There were hundreds of buses and visitors up there too!IMG_3204After Montreal we headed towards home. It was my nephew’s birthday party in Ajax, so we stopped in and really surprised my brother and sister-in-law when they saw that I was with my Dad!


Me and my sister.


My nephew is 4 !

Since I can work from anywhere with a wifi connection, this week was a bit of an experiment. It worked really well! I put all my work hours in, mostly from my Mom’s kitchen table.

I still had time for some visits, and dinner at my favourite pizza place when I was a kid – Mother’s Pizza! The chain closed years ago, but they recently brought it back, with a restaurant in Hamilton, and one in Kitchener.

I couldn’t resist their famous coke float!


I was pleased they still do their mushrooms in a similar way. Unlike anywhere else. I don’t know the secret, but they are tasty!IMG_3246 IMG_3247I was a little disappointed in the decor, but I guess you can never go back in history and reclaim everything.

Poor Jeff is home with the pets. We haven’t seen much in the last week. He was in PEI, then I was in Utah, then I was in Cape Breton, and now I’m in Ontario  🙁 I will have a lot of making up to do when I get home.

First, I have a couple Thanksgiving dinners to consume this weekend, more people to visit, and a party to attend.