Our new bed has arrived!

We went with a new space aged memory foam mattress (TEMPUR-Plush Preferred Queen Mattress). It is so completely different from a traditional spring mattress. We were warned it would be hard at first. In fact they won’t even take it back for the first 3 weeks if you complain because they want you to give it at least 3 weeks to try it out.

Well I love it. It feels tall and hard, but then all your bumps slowly compress the foam without any extra pressure pressing back in your hips and shoulders or where ever else you are bumpy.

Jeff isn’t so sure yet. He doesn’t not like it. He says how different it is, but he is so sore from installing our new windows and front door that he can’t really appreciate it yet. I really think we’re both tossing and turning less, but it has only been 3 days.

Wanna hear something atrocious? When The Brick delivered the new bed, it was raining. Two of the 3 delivery games came to the door and said, uh, we don’t take off our boots.

Uhm, what?

So they went up and down our carpeted steps to retrieve our old mattress and bring the new one up. Luckily we had already moved our old one to the top of the stairs, so I asked them to do the same with the new one. Their nice big tip I had in my pocket, stayed in my pocket. Maybe I should have tipped first??