Yesterday I set out in the morning for the other side of Halifax where my good friend Chrissy lives. We don’t see each other nearly often enough! It was a slow drive, about 4 hours. The day before started out at -22°C and turned mild with rain in the afternoon before freezing again overnight. My car was frozen, the highways were icy and slushy, and everything was covered with a lot of salt.

Feeding the birds around 8:30am while the car thawed a bit.


Our first venture was to The Deck restaurant in Blandford. A scene from The Shipping News was shot there! Chrissy had a huge bowl of corn chowder and I went for my usual club house and fries. Really good. Then, although we were both stuffed, Chrissy said we had to have some of their famous homemade pie. I went for the coconut cream and Chrissy went for the macaroon. We only had about 4 bites each though, and then packed it up to go with us because we were so full.

Ceiling of The Deck restaurant/store/post office.
Chrissy describing her corn chowder.
My coconut cream pie.
Both of us taking photos of our pie to share/brag/make jealous our partners.


We picked up some groceries to make a good tray of nachos for supper, but we didn’t ever recover our hunger after that filling lunch.

Sadie the beagle.
Sadie the beagle.

Then we took her two dogs for a walk down to the beach behind her house to see the sun set and to let her dogs get in their exercise. Chrissy lives right by the water on a deep bay of the Atlantic Ocean. Really nice views! Imagine living so close to the coast?

IMG_3737 IMG_3739 IMG_3740 IMG_3742 IMG_3745

We had a great night in front of the wood stove, yacking away, catching up on everything in our lives, reminiscing about our good times back in Sault Ste. Marie, plotting our retirement years. Before we knew it, it was midnight.

Tried this beer Chrissy likes. Scottish beer. Tasted like butter. Still haven’t decided if I liked it.
Lucy the lab.


This morning, we decided to do what any two friends on a sleepover should do, and we cooked up the nachos for breakfast!

Nachos for breakfast! Why not?

After a couple big hugs I was headed for home. Hopefully we won’t wait too long before we get together for another visit!

It was a beautiful sunny winter day. I had planned to head straight into Halifax for a bit of shopping on the way home, saw the sign for Peggy’s Cove and thought… Hmmmm… Why not? I didn’t have my camera with me, just my iPhone, but I thought how silly would it be to not go somewhere because you didn’t have your camera. Why does it get so important to photograph things sometimes rather than just experiencing it?

So off I went. Wasn’t too much of a detour. Maybe an hour. It was a lovely day at the lighthouse, but the wind sure was bitter cold. Not too many tourists in January! Just a few folks were visiting the lighthouse today, but the restaurant was packed! (If you’re ever there, try the gingerbread!)

I took a few pictures with my cell phone, with both hands on my phone, sure the wind gusts were going to take it away. These pictures are from my iPhone 5s and are completely untouched. Turned out pretty nice! You can click on any of them for a larger view.

On the way home I stopped at Costco to pick up a few things, and they had these HUGE big round dog beds for only $35. Monty is 9 now and getting soft and appreciates the finer things in life now – like a bed instead of the floor. He wasn’t the only one who tried to claim it when I got home though:


Soon enough he reclaimed his spot:IMG_3775



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