Ice Fishing

We got up early today and went ice fishing before the rain storm moved in. (It is now POURING rain and we have a wind warning for possible 100 km/hr winds over night tonight.)

We tried the lake we fished with the boat last April. We didn’t really have any better luck today. I did catch a sucker fish, but we set it free.

Gardening update

Everything has germinated now, except the parsley and the chives.


I lost a few too. Baby plants are so so sensitive. I had a moisture lid on the container, which built up with moisture and dropped water drops on the plants. Well just one water drop sitting on the top leaf is enough to snap the stem on a baby plant, and once the stem is broken, the little plant dies. That is why you plant more than one seed in each pod, so you’ll have back ups! 🙂

Phone Dump

Here are some recent, random pictures for posterity.