We took a drive for a couple hours today. It was a beautiful sunny day. We saw dozens of white tailed deer!20150301-DSC_0179

Because we’ve had so many rain storms in the middle of blizzards, everything is covered in thick solid ice. Seriously, people have been skating on driveways and lawns, you could even skate along the side of the road if you wanted to.  The deer seem to have congregated where it isn’t too slippery and are using the roads and trails to get around.20150301-DSC_0186

We ended up in Port Bickerton and took a couple pictures from their wharf.IMG_4079 IMG_4082

Cat vs Squirrel

I also wanted to share some free entertainment I had at work this week.

We have a black cat that has been hanging around our place. It is really timid and scatters quickly when I get to the window, let alone outside.

I had to grab these pictures quick, through the window, and the first one isn’t focused properly, but I just had to share.

The squirrel has a network of tunnels under the snow, so it comes up to peer at the cat and then dives back down into its hole.

This black cat has been trying to catch a bird all week under that feeder with no luck. I guess it is hard for a black cat to blend into the white snow. It seems healthy and well fed though so it must be eating something.




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