I decided to try something new for Jeff’s birthday cake this year, and make cupcakes instead of a big cake (since there are just two of us).

I tried a totally new kind of a recipe, cupcakes without flour, and without white sugar. I made these grain-free chocolate cupcakes:


The only ingredient I didn’t have was the coconut flour, but luckily Sobey’s (grocery store) had it. The recipe was for a dozen, and I was only supposed to fill them half way, but I had enough to fill them almost all the way, so they of course overflowed a bit. They sunk a bit in the middle too.

The only sweetness in them is from the unpasteurized Nova Scotia honey I used.


The recipe for icing is made of just butter, unsweetened cocoa, and raw honey. I missed the part about requiring piping for putting the buttercream icing on the cupcakes, so I just put the icing in a zip lock bag and cut the corner off, which worked, kinda, except now it looks like poop on cupcakes! HA!

IMG_4314We just had one and I’m impressed. The cupcake was good, like a regular chocolate cupcake, maybe a wee bit drier than the kahlua chocolate cake I usually make for Jeff’s birthday, but that has pudding and yoghurt in it for moisture. The icing was really sweet, too sweet for me. I’m not sure they even need icing, or definitely a whole lot less icing, the chocolate cupcake alone was tasty enough, but birthdays need a bit of splurging.