Spring thaw is underway

Jeff was busy this past weekend, so I had each day all to myself. On Saturday I was hoping for deck weather, but it looked pretty grim:IMG_4368

I watched 3 movies back to back, movies Jeff would never have sat through, but I really enjoyed them!

And then the sun came out so I grabbed a beer from the fridge and decided to spend a couple hours on the front deck. Getting to the deck chair took a bit of climbing over and through snow, but I made it!IMG_4370

Thankfully the sun had melted all the snow off one of the chairs already!IMG_4371

What a spectacular view, clean fresh air, and peacefulness:IMG_4374

And the sun was pretty warm! I decided to tan for awhile:IMG_4375 IMG_4376 IMG_4377 IMG_4381 IMG_4382Sunday didn’t go so well.

I decided the snow and ice had thawed enough on the driveway that my car stood a good chance of getting back up the driveway. I checked the movie listings and decided to head over to New Glasgow at noon to watch an afternoon showing.

I got cleaned up and put some nice clothes on, moved my stuff into a new bag I had bought online, and headed for my car. My car hasn’t left our property since mid-January. After every big snow fall we moved it a bit and let it run awhile to thaw the snow and ice.

On Sunday it didn’t start šŸ™

And that is when it hit me. I’ve done okay playing the hermit role, the kept woman, the wife who only leaves home once a week with her husband for groceries and maybe a dinner out, until that car didn’t start. Suddenly I was a prisoner. Sick to death of my house, my isolation and the sight of it all. I was sick of it all. I was sick of the view out every window. I wanted out, I wanted to see something, I wanted to do something. There is nothing you want more than what you can’t have when your car doesn’t start.

So I moped around.

Later that evening, I made my way back to the deck just as the sun was setting:

IMG_4393 IMG_4396

It started snowing right afterwards šŸ™‚ Just light little flakes though.

On Monday after work, we had to go to New Glasgow for a couple things. I was texting with Julie on the way home. She sent us a selfie of what she was up to, so we reciprocated. I have no idea why we both opened our mouths, this was not choreographed, I swear!IMG_4405


Tonight we had a nice walk on the far side of the next lake down from ours, LochielĀ Lake. I was really grumpy after spending all afternoon at the mechanic today trying to get my car fixed and finding out it is a fishing exercise and they’ll probably never be able to solve what ails it.

But the minute I started walking along the lake I was cured of my grumpiness. It was a cool evening, bit of a wind, andĀ everything has startedĀ to melt and the run off has begun. That lake is really started to open up. Here are some pics:

IMG_4412 IMG_4413 IMG_4415 IMG_4416 IMG_4418

People were ice fishing here just last week!IMG_4419 IMG_4421 IMG_4422 IMG_4423 IMG_4425 IMG_4426




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