I’ve been so stressed, almost sick, over the fear the internet here would be so slow I’d lose my job.

I’ve found two places with free wifi in town, and they were both slower than dial-up, and completely unusable.

I had hoped they were just really throttled because of the download cap in place from the Internet Service Provider (ISP) here, Northwestel.

Everyone we’ve talked to since arriving, says the internet is absolutely awful here and I was in big trouble.

Finally today the technician came to get our internet set up and I’m incredibly relieved. Here is a speedtest:

The 13.14 Mb/s down is WAY faster than we ever had in Nova Scotia. Now we do have a 200 gig cap on data each month before overage fees apply. In Nova Scotia I usually peaked around 4 mbps but had a bit faster upload speed and a much lower ping latency. Overall, I’m hopeful everything will work out.

The technician warned there is downtime at times, and some of the infrastructure is old here. He said the upload speed isn’t great, so uploading big files might be best to leave over night, but overall it is decent. Not cable or fibre optic fast, but decent.

What a relief. Now I can get back to work!!  🙂

(Many more blog posts are on their way this week – with photos!)