The farmer’s market starts at 11 and it seems like half the town comes out to scoop up the freshest, nicest produce I’ve ever seen. The midnight sun helps grow some beautiful vegetables way up here. We spent about $40 and stocked up on carrots, broccoli, roma tomatoes, big sandwich size tomatos, cauliflower, cucumber, zucchini, kale, and lettuce.


We bought produce from two different growers this weekend. The market is open from mid-May until mid-September. I think I need to find a way to freeze or preserve some of this bounty for the non-market season!


Then we swung by the post office to pick up our mail. We’re PO Box folks now?. I actually like going to the post office to get our mail. There is always someone new to meet or just to say hi to, and the bulletin boards are loaded with goods for sale and upcoming events.

Then we went to the Quigley dump to get rid of a monster pile of flattened cardboard boxes and bags of paper. There is recycling way up here, but not for cardboard and paper. We put them right into this big silo like burn barrel 🙂

I really love how almost everywhere here is from somewhere else, and when you are in a place that only locales frequent, like the dump, you stand out like a sore thumb if you are a new face. A man pulled up beside us to dispose of some cardboard and stopped to talk and introduce himself and his wife and where they are from and where they worked. I LOVE THIS. In Nova Scotia we stood out as being “from away” but people there would just pepper us with questions that felt like a really uncomfortable grilling, rather than an introductory conversation and welcome.

Then I went panning for gold ?



Unfortunately I did not hit the motherlode so I’ll have to keep my day job ?


I was panning at the free Discovery claim. I’m certain that I’ll have to work much harder to get gold here, since it’s been panned by people for years, but it was still fun!DSC_0213

Only my fears about my rubber boots were confirmed. They leak!DSC_0214

After panning, Jeff took me for a drive to show me some of the landscape he saw earlier in the week during a field trip at his new job. We went to the top of King Solomon’s Dome, which has long been thought to be the source of the gold here.


There are some communication towers on the top of  the dome. The view was nice, but I bet it is more spectacular without all the forest fire smoke blanketing the view.DSC_0224

DSC_0233 DSC_0230

After our drive Jeff took a snooze and I walked down to the grocery store to get a couple things for dinner, and I stopped at the liquor store too for some Yukon brewed beer. How amazing is it that I live close enough to walk to the stores?

We worked on putting more things away and emptying more boxes. Things are starting to come together in here!


We decided the day shouldn’t be complete, so we headed over to Diamond Tooth Gertie’s for the midnight show.IMG_5554

The crowd really comes alive when the show starts. I love the piano and drum accompaniment too. The music is great!


There are 3 shows a night, with the third being more risquĂ©. Such a fun time! It was the darkest I’ve ever seen here when we walked home after 1am. Such an easy 3 blocks home. I love this small town lifestyle!