We’ve been here only a couple weeks and we’ve had company already! My coworker Jason and his wife Kristin, “The Snowmads” have been living on the road in an RV with their 3 pups. They spent the summer in Alaska and decided to take a trip up through Chicken and over the Top of the World Highway to visit us on their way south.


Kristin & Jason at “The Pit”

We had a super fun night, starting with a great dinner at Klondike Kate’s, then a stop at “The Pit” to listen to Harmonica George play and talk with some local folks. After that Jason was ready for the Sour Toe Cocktail! I did it again too!


We ended the night at Diamond Tooth Gertie’s for their midnight show, sitting with two couples who were visiting Dawson City on their vacation. When we left Gertie’s, it was around 2am and finally almost dark outside. The northern lights were just coming out! Really nice green bands all over the northern half of the sky, right from the west to the east.


A not so great picture from my iPhone of the Northern Lights.

It was pretty chilly on the walk home. Jeff was up early and saw the frost. Our first frost on August 8! I wasn’t up too early, except for my brief puking episode to get rid of the rest of the beer ?. Unfortunately I slept right through the town’s Outhouse Race that I wanted to go see.


We’ve mostly unpacked except for all the tools and hunting/fishing gear and seasonal stuff that will stay boxed up in the spare rooms. It is feeling like our home already and I like this house. Really great location in town so we can walk everywhere easily. And I like the size. I’ve always been more of a bungalow fan, and really love that it is small enough that I can vacuum the entire house without unplugging the vacuum and moving to a new plug! Just keeping it clean is easier. Maybe I wasn’t such an awful housekeeper in our Nova Scotia house – maybe it was just way too big.

We still don’t know where to put everything yet. We have enough canned food for probably a year that we moved with us. I feel if we box it up, we’ll never use it, so maybe we’ll have to get some open shelves in the kitchen, like those cheap pine shelving units you can get from Walmart (next time we’re in Whitehorse) so we can stack them up to use them.

I’ve also decided that when you don’t have a dishwasher, you can have far fewer dishes. I don’t really mind doing the dishes. It makes it easier to keep the kitchen clean by just doing the dishes once or twice a day and getting them put away.

Work Life

I’m working on getting settled back into my work routine. It is quite a bit different after changing time zones. I used to get a big chunk of my work done before my co-workers in later time zones even woke up. Now I’m on the other side of the continent and just that dynamic alone changes things. Other factors are the sunsets that are close to midnight. It makes me want to stay up later which means I’m not up and at’em at 7:30am any more. Plus I really want to get out during the day, since the season is so short, and walk around, see the tourists, run some errands, walk to the post office.

When Jeff was down in Whitehorse during this past week, I popped back online in the evenings and worked for an hour or two, which works well when Jeff isn’t here, but usually I try to keep work out of my evenings. However now my office is in the dining room, so it isn’t like I’m tucked away in a separate office and I could work while Jeff is watching tv. I’ll just have to keep trying out routines to see what sticks. I’m sure it’ll change again in the winter when it is dark most of the day. I can’t imagine wanting to work during the few hours that the sun appears in December.


We see a lot of interesting vehicles here, like big tank like RVs for serious off-roading, but there is also this odd ball. People SLEEP in those things at the back. Those bunks must be tiny little drawers. If it is like the one we saw last year, the far side has a canvas tent they pop up for circulation at night.



Monty is still getting used to be an in-town dog. He barks at a lot of noises, thinking he has to be a guard dog.


Our back yard with a back alley way behind.

He’s also had a terrible bout of diarrhea after he ran into the Yukon River for a drink when he was hot last week. That river is so full of silt he was puking mud the next day. Poor dude.


He’s not near this cute when he’s barking at 4am because someone dared drive by on the gravel street.

His nose has been so so dry. It is a much drier climate here so all of us are adjusting. I’m using hand cream about 5 times a day. His nose even cracked a little bit and bled one day. We bought some vaseline and have been lubing up his nose. Now it seems to be shedding the driest parts and there is new healthier, less dry nose tissue growing underneath 😉