Finally a clear sky day! Saturday of the Labour Day long weekend we headed up the Dempster Highway to Tombstone Territorial Park again to hunt for birds (grouse and ptarmigan) and see the development of the fall colours.


The first yellow leaves have fallen off the trees now. And the Tombstone range is snow covered!


The really red shrubs have long passed their peak and we’re into some deep maroons and shades of brown.


It was 12C and sunny when we started up the Dempster Highway, but as we got into Tombstone, the top of the mountains were clouded in, and I think those clouds were snowing! The temperature dropped to 3.DSC_0045


Here’s the stop were Jeff caught the grayling fish. It was really chilly!DSC_0049


Found 3 swans in a waterhole. They kept diving down, eating plants off the bottom.DSC_0064

And a muskrat!DSC_0069


The road was getting really wet and muddy and quite rough. We’d gone far enough so after we saw the snow, we turned around near the 100km marker.DSC_0080

As we headed south again, we drove back into the sun, and fall colours.



We didn’t find a single bird for dinner until we were just about back on the Klondike Highway, so it will live to see another day.DSC_0093

After we got back to town, I wasn’t finished exploring, so I talked Jeff into driving up to see the fire tower.


Imagine this for a summer job? I’d be keen with all of it, except that ladder going up.

There is a nice log cabin up here.


What a view!