I’ve made more things from scratch in this home than I’ve made in years.

Today I made a whole wheat pizza crust, and after the dough rose, I made a couple calzones for us.


They turned out better than I expected, but a few notes for myself for next time:

  • way WAY too big, making 4 would have been smarter than 2
  • contents a little thick
  • crust could have been a wee bit thinner without falling apart
  • there is a lot of extra plain dough at the ends where it is pinched and I didn’t eat it because it was just bread. Maybe find a different way to seal, or trim more off after pinching.
  • 450F for 15 minutes worked well, including pre-heating the pizza stone in the oven. I sprinkled a bit of corn meal on the stone before putting the calzones on it and they didn’t stick at all. I also gave the top of each a light brush of olive oil and poked some holes.
  • I’d put a bit more sauce inside. Some people don’t put any sauce inside at all, but I would have liked a bit more sauce.
  • Mozzarella cheese would have been better grated than cubed. Would have been more integrated.

I’m a little frustrated that breads are back in my diet, and my waist line shows it. However it just isn’t practical or affordable here to eat just the veggies and meat/fish and stir frys that I was eating for the first half of the year. Trying to figure it out as I go…