A few weeks ago now, I took a trip home to Ontario for a week before heading to Utah for my annual company meetup.

Highlights of my visit:

  • visiting my cat Sally who is staying with my sister Julie because we are only allowed one pet in this rental home that was provided by Jeff’s employer
  • spending time with Julie, having her take me shopping. It is still kinda weird that my little sister is all grown up and living on her own and has a full time job!
  • got a tour of Julie’s new condo building that she is soon moving into
  • had a girl’s night with my childhood pals Becky and Cathy with pizza
  • had pizza almost every day and ate at Mother’s Pizza with Dad and Julie
  • watched my nephew Eason’s skating practise
  • spent time with my niece and nephew
  • watched a lot of Blue Jays baseball with my brother, sister in law, and mother
  • attended my cousin Steven’s wedding at my old farm
  • spending time with my Grandma and my cousin Christine
  • meeting my cousin’s bird and catching up with Bernie & Dona
  • shopping with Mom and Grandma
  • seeing a 3D movie with Dad and Julie – The Martian – pretty good movie!
  • probably a bunch of other things that I am forgetting about

Here are a few photos, iPhone only, and completely out of order:

Julie in a demo model that matches her new condo.
Thanksgiving dinner at Julie’s with Mom, Julie, and my cousin Wesley
My precious Sally kitten, alive and well with my sister’s care
A Thanksgiving weekend wedding means TURKEY dinner. Yum!
Selfie with my niece!
My nephew isn’t quite so eager for photos.
The first dance! Awwww
Dining at Mom’s
Watching Julie explore her first Macbook Pro 🙂
Me and my cousin Wes at the wedding.
The handsome groom and his groomsmen
Had to buy some necessities to bring back home with me.. like these -40 Icelandic socks.
Mother’s Pizza with Dad and Julie
A cherry coke float!
My nephew at his hockey practise
Niece and I taking a selfie while sitting in the arena
My brother Brian
Some crazy Little Pony theme game I played with the kids


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