I love cold weather, when it takes you 10 minutes to get out of the house, because you have to change, and put on long johns, and a couple pairs of socks (and I love those 20 year old thin socks I have with the metal strands, they heat up nice from the friction of walking), and get your parka on over your head (I really have not gracefully mastered this technique yet), and your pants wrapped around your calf, and inserted into your boots. You want your face mask on, and your toque, and keys in your hand, so you can lock the dead bolt from outside quickly so you can get your mittens on before your warm flesh feels the bite.


When it is so cold that you can’t wear your glasses, because they freeze up from your breath. And your eye lashes glue together with frost.

When it is so cold the snow isn’t just crunchy, it is squeaky, and loud, oh so loud.

It was -34°C’ish when I went for a walk today, down to the river, which stopped flowing a couple days back.


The dyke along the river has footprints, and cross country ski prints, snowshow prints, dog paw prints, and even a skidoo track. The cold stops no one here in Dawson City.


The river is thick and chunky, and still. Folks living across the river are cut off and isolated. They are likely eager for the river to freeze hard and deep so the ice road can be formed so they start driving across.


This was just before noon. As you can see, our “high noon” isn’t so high. The sun is low enough in the sky that it stopped hitting our house this week. We are now in the shade… maybe until sometime in January?

IMG_6464 (1)

The snow dogs (rainbows beside the sun) are beautiful 🙂

IMG_6465 (1)

Here’s our Front Street:


After walking along the river, I met Jeff at a restaurant for lunch and then walked back home to continue working.

I love winter.  The calendar says it is just over a month away!  ?


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